francois fiedler

  • Photo by Clo Vanesco

    Dan Kramer (1942-2010) lived a life for the ages. Born and raised in the French speaking town of Lausanne, Switzerland, by his early twenties Dan had achieved an advanced degree in photography, and thanks to his impeccable eye and typically Swiss attention to detail, he soon had a bustling studio business.

    One day Dan’s impeccable eye landed on Parisian actress/artist/model/singer/socialite Clo Vanesco, who would quickly become his muse, and with her young son Laurent, the three departed on a VW bus voyage across Europe, then througout the Greek islands via sailboat, and finally to Paris for the triumphant creation of KV Studio and exciting new chapters in their acclaimed careers.

    Their sphere of influence included such renowned names in the art world as Aimé Maeght, Samuel Josefowitz, François Fiedler, Raymond Moretti, César Baldaccini, Baldwin and Guggisberg, and Albert György, to name but a few. They relocated to San Diego in the late ‘90s, bringing some much needed Parisian flavor to San Diego’s art scene.

    Though Dan and Clo are no longer with us in body, their spirits live on in the lives of those they touched. Their story truly deserves a feature length film, so hopefully this exhibition will give you a brief glimpse of life as seen through their eyes.

    To honor one of Dan's last wishes, those of us who knew him well are organizing a group exhibition of artists that he admired and worked with throughout his life. We will be showcasing his photography as well as works by Clo Vanesco, Parisian non-figurative painter François Fiedler, Hungarian scluptor Albert György, painting and sculpture by San Diego's Carolee Bodie-Williams, pen and ink works by Katherine Brannock, photography by Laurent Kramer, painting and sculpture by Linda Litteral, photos by Sean McMullen, mixed media works by Glen Gorham, and photos by yours truly.

    The exhibition will open on the 5th anniversary of his passing, Thursday evening, 7pm-10pm, March 26th, at Turquoise Cellars, 5026 Cass Street, in Pacific Beach. The art works will remain on display throughout the month of April. Scroll to the bottom for map and directions.

    View the flyer for the show in PDF here.

    Here are some images of the artists and examples of their works (though not necessarily the exact works that will be in the show): 

    March 26th, 2015:

    I just found this wonderful article entitled "The Artist is the Creator of Beautiful Things" that really sums up my view of the role of art in our lives. The main theme is that life imitates art, rather than the other way around. In other words, art sets the tone for our lives, and is therefor perhaps the single most important of all human endeavors.

    Forest Night Full of Stars by Joey Clark

    This map shows the location of Turquoise Cellars. Click the map for larger view: