• Photos of ASRA (American Scooter Racing Association) championship events from the 1980s and '90s

  • It is the highest of compliments to say that someone's style is uniquely all their own, and who's got more style than G? Everything he does has pizzazz, with a double dose of panache.

  • Holy cow I'm astounded. OK first of all the song in this video makes me want to jump right into a pit skanking with Steve Griggs, Black Billy, Paul "NewRod" Milward, Lee Zimmerman, Mark Stilinovich, Bo Courtney, John Ryan, Chris Rogers, et al. The whole Secret Society crew from back in the day. And all them cute mod chicks in their go-go boots and short skirts. Daaaay-am!

    But I gotta say, the surfing is every bit as good as the song. OK, it's better. Waaaaaaay better. "But how can you compare surfing and music? It's like apples and sapote fruit!" Whatever. The song is perfect. The surfing is perfect. The video is perfect. And I love apples and sapote!

    So anyhow, Jared Mell... dude... you're killing me! That frontside drop at 1:50 going the wrong way into a left and lightning quick u-turn into switchstance (frontside once again)?!? Wow! And the backside head dip on another left, with your whole melon buried up to the neck?!?! I'm dyin' here, LOL!!!

    (Here's a suggestion for all you kooks and foamie riders. Find a long section of remote beach break where you can all congregate. Watch nothing but Jared for at least two hours before paddling out (hallucinogenics optional). Then BE THE WAVE. Learn to actually TURN. Learn how to paddle back out WITHOUT CROSSING BACK THROUGH THE BREAK. And learn how NOT TO CUT PEOPLE OFF!!!)

    If you do all of the above, who knows - you might actually leave room for Jared on a wave near you...

    - - Thanks - -
    The Management.