• Of the many things I love about Annie Clark, her sinewy arms might just be tops. Her guitar playing is all about intensity and the attempt to restrain it - two extremes in constant flux, sometimes struggling and yet often cooperating in wonderful and exotic ways.

    And her coal miner's daughter's arms show this oh so well. Form follows function and what, not?


  • I was searching for different versions of this beautiful song by St. Vincent when I came across this one. At first I thought it was going to be someone else's cover. I almost bailed, but I'm so glad I didn't.

  • This is great stuff! The music, the graphics, the dancing, everything. 19 fucking 78.

  • Musings about music.

  • I played my Nick Lowe records to death back in the day, but I never got to see him play live. Back in '78 I think I would have flipped out.

  • So one day I'm suiting up to surf and the tunes I want to hear are being drowned out by the buzzer that stays on when my driver's door is open. No problem, flip-flop to the rescue! lol

    p.s. - "O-bops" is EllaSpeak for "flip-flops". Ella is my buddy Glen's little daughter.

  • Holy cow I'm astounded. OK first of all the song in this video makes me want to jump right into a pit skanking with Steve Griggs, Black Billy, Paul "NewRod" Milward, Lee Zimmerman, Mark Stilinovich, Bo Courtney, John Ryan, Chris Rogers, et al. The whole Secret Society crew from back in the day. And all them cute mod chicks in their go-go boots and short skirts. Daaaay-am!

    But I gotta say, the surfing is every bit as good as the song. OK, it's better. Waaaaaaay better. "But how can you compare surfing and music? It's like apples and sapote fruit!" Whatever. The song is perfect. The surfing is perfect. The video is perfect. And I love apples and sapote!

    So anyhow, Jared Mell... dude... you're killing me! That frontside drop at 1:50 going the wrong way into a left and lightning quick u-turn into switchstance (frontside once again)?!? Wow! And the backside head dip on another left, with your whole melon buried up to the neck?!?! I'm dyin' here, LOL!!!

    (Here's a suggestion for all you kooks and foamie riders. Find a long section of remote beach break where you can all congregate. Watch nothing but Jared for at least two hours before paddling out (hallucinogenics optional). Then BE THE WAVE. Learn to actually TURN. Learn how to paddle back out WITHOUT CROSSING BACK THROUGH THE BREAK. And learn how NOT TO CUT PEOPLE OFF!!!)

    If you do all of the above, who knows - you might actually leave room for Jared on a wave near you...

    - - Thanks - -
    The Management.

  • Brian Bent took a little sojourn to France a few months back, and here's a tasty little bit showing what he and his mates were up to:

    Southsiders present: Wheels & Waves - Third Edition from Douglas Guillot on Vimeo.

    The official video of the Wheels & Waves 2014 organized by The Southsiders.

    The dream we had one day to bring together all the people we love around our passion for custom motorcycles has become more real than ever.

    More than two months have passed since the third edition of Wheels and Waves, and we are only just landing back on planet Earth. As summer 2014 slowly comes to an end, we’re proud to release our official video : a seven-minute long edit that will take you back into the epic journey we all shared as family and friends.

    Last June, a tremendous number of participants travelled from all over Europe and beyond, to reach the emblematic meeting point of the Biarritz lighthouse. If moto and custom are the two main vehicles celebrated at Wheels and Waves by the majority of people, we can hardly describe the event as a pure moto festival. All crossover and young communities are attracted (surf, skate, bmx) as they look for new ways to express their individuality.

    As Wheels and Waves grows bigger with the years, we want to keep pushing boundaries and will give great importance to creativity but also enthusiasm and spontaneity.

    Stay tuned as more is to come !

    Le rêve que nous avons eu un jour de réunir une communauté d'individus passionnés comme nous par la moto custom et l'univers qui y est lié devient plus réel que jamais. Plus de deux mois se sont écoulés depuis la troisième édition de Wheels and Waves et nous reposons tout juste les pieds sur terre.

    Alors que l'été touche doucement à sa fin, nous sommes fiers de vous présenter notre vidéo officielle : un film de sept minutes à travers lequel vous replongerez dans la troisième édition de notre réunion annuelle - et quel event !!

    Cette année, un nombre encore plus impressionnant de participants est venu des quatre coins d'Europe et même plus loin, pour atteindre le point de rendez vous emblématique du phare de Biarritz.
    Il est difficile de qualifier Wheels and Waves comme un événement purement moto, même si la moto et le custom sont un vecteur commun à la majorité des participants. Nous avons vu cette année que les cultures surf, skate et même bmx étaient largement représentées, et que Wheels and Waves attirait une jeunesse en quête de nouveaux moyens d'expression.

    Alors que Wheels and Waves grandit au fil des années, nous le voulons ouvert et reflet des tendances actuelles. Nous continuerons à repousser nos limites et à privilégier la créativité, l'enthousiasme et la spontanéité.

    Restez connectés, la suite est à venir !

    Directed by Douglas Guillot (
    Produced by 18-55 (
    Interview by Nick Clements (
    Sound designer Romain Grenier
    Music Performed by Brian Bent (
    Designed by Steven Burke (