• Carolee's Heirloom TomatoEat your hearts out, all you wannabe chefs* - Trader Joe's will be featuring my "capresedilla" recipe as their demo item this Friday and Saturday (prime time, booyah! <--do they still say that? LOL). Anyhow, the big party goes down at the Garnet Avenue location in Pacific Beach - so stop in as many times as you can get away with it (keep an eye out for shift changes) - oh and give them my name and you may get a blank stare in return. But who gives a shit, right? LOL

    The recipe:

    1. Take an organic flour tortilla, slice up some New Zealand grass fed white cheddar on one half, and put it in the toaster over on broil
    2. While the cheese is melting, slice up one half an avocado, one half a tomato (heirlooms are best), and about six large leaves of fresh basil
    3. Pull the tortilla out when the cheese is melty
    4. Put the other stuff on top, sprinkle on some (pink himalayan) salt and black pepper
    5. Fold in half and enjoy the delicious fresh flavors!

    For a little extra zest, spread a little pesto on the other side of the tortilla before closing her up, yummmm!

    Carolee's Heirloom Tomatos Cut Open

    (Sorry, I only had pics of my mom's amazing homegrown heriloom tomatos. Make up the rest in your mind, it will work, I promise!)

    * A little jab at all the amazing chefs I know - you know who you are!