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    According to Bill Buppert they are, in order:

    1. unconscious incompetence
    2. conscious incompetence
    3. conscious competence
    4. unconscious competence

    In order to reach the fourth stage, progressing through the second and third stages is a must (no really, Vince?), and whether it be playing the guitar, golfing, surfing, martial arts, or public speaking, moving from the second to the third stage requires conscious input of quality information. 

    Unfortunately, the process of learning how to learn seems to be avoided like the plague these days. I will leave it to you, dear reader, as to why anyone would want to subvert this process. I can imagine people with "win at all costs" attitudes being involved. Fortunately, some inquisitive types have utilized the internet as a way to bring formerly hidden tools such as the trivium method to light, and this bodes well for mankind's future.

    Anyhow, the most common way is to program false data into the unconscious via increasingly brash imagery. Naked bodies, speeding cars, exploding buildings, targeted air strikes, and so on, all work on two levels to prevent the progression through to the fourth stage:

    1. they serve as carriers for false or bad information
    2. they persistently occupy the conscious mind, preventing needed dissection of the information they accompany

    I found this little nugget in Brett Veinotte's excellent discussion with Bill Buppert, here.