• What a day!

    I had just done an afternoon surf check and decided that it was time to pull out the 8'0" Challenger that I just bought a couple weeks ago, so a quick trip over to Crown Point was needed to grab it. The weather was muggy but cooling, the surf was 5-6' closeouts with the occasional shoulder to be found, and there were a few clouds gathering. Ten minutes later I was at my garage, and as I strapped Bobby's handiwork on my racks a couple of raindrops hit my car. I took off back toward Tourmaline northbound on Lamont, and by the time I had passed Garnet it was pouring buckets. By the time I reached Chalcedony Street the smell of smoke (!!!) was in the air and ashes were falling on my car in between the giant raindrops. Crazy! A quick glance up Chalcendony revealed a billowing smoke cloud and a crowd in the street. Had lightning struck an SUP and lit it ablaze? Was this Armageddon? Hahahahaaa

    Tourmaline Surf Park Flash FloodBy the time I rolled down into Tourmo there was an inch of standing water in the parking lot. I threw on my trunks and wetsuit jacket and grabbed my water rig (Nikon film camera loaded with Tri-X 400) and took of toward the culvert. I ran into Billy Snyder who had just done some body surfing and had his digital water camera with him. We took off up the culvert and saw chairs, wetsuits, a bicycle frame, a surfboard bag (and later the matching board), and loads of other random detritus careening by at 40mph+ toward its final resting place, into our own local version of the great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    Before I could finish the roll the rain stopped. There was a giant brown plume extending south well past the pumphouse. No surf at Tourmo for 3-4 days if you know what's good for you! 

    The torrent continued down the culvert for another half hour or so, which gave me plenty of time to grab my digital rig and snap a few shots. I used a 20mm f/3.5 Nikkor, a 100-600mm Vivitar zoom, and my homemade version of a Lensbaby™ (a 35-70mm Tokina Pentax K Mount that I gutted and rubber mounted to a Nikon body cap) on my D200.

    I've been surfing at Tourmo for 20 years and never seen a day like this. By the time the water is cleaned up this swell will be long gone. Bummer. At least I got these shots to remind me of what a bizarre day it was, indeed!