Make the Music Go BANG!

I've been digging many of the bands who were scheduled for Make the Music Go BANG! for decades, so when my good buddy Gary Shuffledust called me at twelve noon on the day of, saying "Hey Vince, I got you an all access pass if you'll drive my ass up there!", it didn't take me long to decide to make the trip up from San Diego. Besides, I needed to get up to OC anyhow to pick up the new board I had put a down payment on a few weeks earlier at Icons of Surf. Grabbing my new stick on the way to see the Buzzcocks, X, The Knitters, Los Lobos, etc. was a can't miss opportunity as far as I was concerned. Arrangements were quickly made with my OC surf bud Shaner to stash the board in his van while we were at the show, and the plan was fully in place.

We got there late afternoon, by which time the sun had really put a good cooking on the crowd. Long lines had gathered at every food and drink stand, but as the sun started to set everyone started to get their second (or third) wind. I had my Nikon F with me, freshly loaded with one and only one roll of Tri-X 400 b&w and Dan Kramer's old 85mm/f1.8 prime. There was so much to catch the eye that I really had to be selective in my shooting, and overall I'm pretty stoked with what I got on that one roll. Pretty girls and hard nosed greasers were everywhere, and considering the high contrast setting, I think the choice to shoot black and white was a good one. I hope you'll agree. A second roll of Portra 400 might have been nice, but what can you do on short notice, right? Time to start stocking the fridge for such" emergencies"... hehe

By the way, two of the pretty girls I met were Brooke Becher and Sarah Borean, who were covering the event for the Long Beach Daily 49er. Their excellent article is here.


Monday, 29 September 2014